Watch OUT!

The Sun back page tomorrow?

Well what can i say...The best rumor in the history of rumors has come to an end.

A harsh lesson for all Gooners and a moral behind the story.
Dont believe anything until its on

Just to prove how easy it could be to start up a rumor about a player signing for Arsenal i did so with a simple blog and a few posts on a few busy Arsenal forums.

But of course i could not have done this without a few friends on


The Gooner forum...

Arsenal land...

Arsenal mania

So next time a rumor starts about a player coming over to have a medical...Think!!

And thanks to the sun for running an EXCLUSIVE...hehe,,2002390000-2007320774,00. html

Can i also say that i mean no harm to Arsenal or Boca fans or indeed Mr Palacio. God bless you all.

Good luck and have a great season.....Sinbad

A special thanks